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Hsu Hung-Chi

Shen Long 'Spirit Dragon' Xingyiquan (translated as 'Form-Intention Boxing') comes to us by way of the lineage of Hsu Hung-Chi. Master Hsu was a teacher and practitioner of the Tang Shou Tao system which was passed down to him by his teacher, Hung I-Hsiang. Both were renowned martial arts practitioners in Taiwan specializing in the Three Sister Arts: Xingyiquan, Baguazhang and Taijiquan. 


Xingyi is a system of Chinese Boxing which, according to the limited history available to us, is drawn from military spear work. The driving, linear, focused force of the infantry spear maneuvers were developed into empty hand martial forms which over the span of time evolved into a fighting system comprised of the 5 Element Fists ( Metal, Water, Wood, Fire & Earth) and the 12 Animal styles ( Dragon, Tiger, Horse, Sparrowhawk, Eagle Bear, Snake, Monkey, Fighting Chicken, Swallow, Chicken, Phoenix, Water Lizard ). Additionally there are several two-person, weapons forms and a continued focused study of Xingyi spear work. 


Shen Long Xingyiquan places great importance upon the efficient and focused use of linear movement and driving force rooted in "internal" mechanics and principles. The practitioner strives for a unified coordination of the body, mind and intention best illustrated in the songs of the Six Harmonies of Xingyiquan: The External Harmonies (San Wan Hai) "The hips harmonize with the shoulders, the knees harmonize with the elbows, the feet harmonize with hands" and The Internal Harmonies (Xin Yi Qi Li) "The heart leads the intention, the intention leads the qi, the qi leads the force".

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